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Kickstarting 27th January 2022

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We’ve created the Inner Circle for people who want to take the next step on their property journey. So if you’ve already invested in some commercial assets or have graduated from one of our education programs, this is the place for you!

Benefit from exclusive peer-to-peer support from our ambitious community of Inner Circle members. Including valuable opportunities to network and partner up.

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I’ve done the dirty work and now I’m here to teach you everything I know! Sharing the many tips and techniques I’ve learned along the way to help make your process faster and easier to navigate. Together we can spend time developing your strategy, growing your assets and making sure you stay accountable to your goals.

Over the course of 9 months this mastermind will help you understand and demystify the different layers in which the commercial property market operates and learn to identify gaps in the market. You will be able to move forward with more knowledge and confidence to build commercial cashflow into your portfolio.


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Join us for a day of commercial property insight and inspiration as we take you behind the scenes to some of our most successful conversions and current redevelopment projects.

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This is designed for those that wish to hit the ground running. So if you’re someone who likes to take action and already has a specific goal you wish to achieve- get it touch today to arrange concentrated sessions directly with Jerry.

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Purchasing a Building

A quick run down on some of the most important things to consider once your offer has been accepted.

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Jerry Alexander: My Journey Getting Started In Commercial Property

For over 20 years, Jerry Alexander has been investing in commercial properties. During that time, he has not only had …

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10 Steps of Deal Analysis

What is the step by step process we go through when looking at a property and analysing it as a deal? This article aims to answer this important question. Here, I will be pulling the various elements together to give you an overall roadmap of what I do for our typical property acquisition.

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10 Ways to Identify Opportunities in CMO Commercial Projects

If you’re sold on the idea of creating some multi-let properties, then this list might help you get there a bit quicker. CMO properties might not be everybody’s cup of tea but these are some of the things that tick the boxes for me.

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Cookie Cutter or Building First Approach?

I want to start by posing a question. Should you use a cookie cutter approach to your commercial property strategy …

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