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Cookie Cutter or Building First Approach?

I want to start by posing a question. Should you use a cookie cutter approach to your commercial property strategy …

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9 Factors to Determine Price

The price tag is one thing but what really matters is the actual selling price. There are so many different ways to come at this topic. There’s psychology, market conditions, negotiation, bloody mindedness, greed, fear and all sorts of thoughts and feelings that go into price.

Unlock your mindset

15 Ways to Adopt the Commercial Property Mindset

Some of these mindset conditions are going to be the same for building a residential portfolio or even a business but others are more specific to commercial and this grey marketplace. I say that to remind ourselves that although many of us would like commercial property to be black and white, it isn’t. That is the big opportunity.

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12 Steps to Maximise the Appeal of your Commercial Property

Understanding design is a really important element of adding value and maximising your return. It can also be a lot of fun trying to work out what is going to work best for your investment.

Redevelopment project

Ten top tips: How to get started in Commercial Property Investment

Before you grab the first commercial property deal you come across, spend some time getting up to speed. Here are 10 top tips on how to get started in commercial property investment.

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The Commercial Agent World

These days, commercial property is often spoken about in terms of converting it to residential use, which I totally understand. …

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