Want to achieve more, sick of mediocre results?

Let’s change the record. Are you sick and tired of not achieving enough even when you set goals? Some of you will be well versed …

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How does Land & Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) affect non domestic leases?

For those who want to invest in Commercial property in Scotland it is important to know how Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) is applied …

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How do you get started in commercial property investment? Top 10 tips.

There are so many different types of Commercial property investment strategies you can choose to compliment your own personal and business goals. Returns can be fantastic, …


What is the Wework Property model?

As private commercial property investors we should understand what the Wework model really is. Read on to learn how their model works and what things …

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10 reasons to invest in CMO property. The Commercial HMO.

CMO property, aka Commercial Multiple Occupancy is a fantastic way of scaling your property business. Most people have heard of HMO residential property investment which …

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How do you find good Commercial Property deals?

Whatever your strategy is, finding the right commercial property deals can make a huge positive impact to your portfolio. If you think it is time …

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